Study of Great Bible Truths – Vol. 2 Lesson 31

Lesson 31: Death and Immortality


1. Christians should not avoid the subject of death…. It is inevitable.


2. Death is not merely the end of existence. Death is the separation of the soul and the physical body.


3. In life on earth, the soul and the body are intimately connected; they are one. The soul functions in and through the body. When one dies, the soul leaves the body, but the body will be left on the earth but the soul will go. Luke 12:4-5


4. According to the Bible, death is not a part of life. Death is punishment for sin. Death was introduced because of sin. Genesis 2:17, Genesis 3:19, Romans 5:12, James 1:14-15.


5. The Bible teaches that death was introduced as God’s punishment for sin. There was no death until man sinned and there would have been no death if man had not sinned.


6. The Christian believer has to die just like the unbeliever. Christians are waiting for the redemption of the body to be delivered from death, from sin, and from sickness. In this life God allows sickness, sin and death to persist.


7. Christians are still left subject to suffering, sickness and death as part of the process of our sanctification. Illness is a part of God’s process of discipline. (This does not mean that every time we become ill, we are being punished, but it may be the case). Sickness should cause us to examine ourselves. Hebrews 12:3-13, Psalm 119:67,71.


8. Death like illness is one of the means that God uses to sanctify us.           1Corinthians 15:55, Revelation 14:13


9. God has given immortality as a gift to the souls of men and women. 2 Timothy 1:10, PSALM 16:10-11, Psalm17:15, Job 19:25-26


10. There is no evidence of sleep of the soul. The Bible teaches a conscious existence after death and before the resurrection. Luke 16, Luke 23:43


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