Study of Great Bible Truths – Vol. 2 Lesson 23

Lesson 23:  The Gifts of the Spirit

Read 1 Corinthians 12th chapter for an outline of the Gifts of the Spirit.


1. Spiritual gifts are different from natural gifts. A spiritual gift is given directly to us by the Holy Spirit.


2. Spiritual gifts are extraordinary powers distinguishing certain Christians and enabling them to serve the Church of Christ.


3. Spiritual gifts are called charismata; referred to as charismatic gifts. The Holy Spirit decides what gifts to give to a particular person.                            1 Corinthians 12:11


4. Each Christian is given, and therefore has, some spiritual gift. As with the human body, there is a special function for every member of the Christian Church. According to Apostle Paul, some gifts are important and some are unimportant, BUT ALL ARE NECESSARY.


5. The spiritual gifts differ in value. 1 Corinthians 12:28– And God has appointed in the church (1)Apostles, (2)Prophets, (3)Teachers, (4)Miracles, (5)Gifts of healing, (6)Gifts of helping, (7)Administration, and (8)various kinds of tongues. Other gifts include: Utterance of Wisdom, Utterance of Knowledge, Faith, the ability to discern spirits, and the interpretation of tongues.


6. Any or all spiritual gift(s) must be used in love. We should never estimate or judge a person’s spirituality solely in terms of their spiritual gift(s).


7. Permanent gifts of the Spirit include: the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge, the ability to teach, the gift of ministering and helps, the gift of administration and government, the gift of evangelism, the gift of the pastorate, the gift of exhortation, the gift of faith.
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