Study of Great Bible Truths – Vol. 2 Lesson 17

Lesson 17:

The Doctrine of Sanctification

(God’s Work and Ours)
1. God’s purpose in doing everything He did in the Old Testament is ultimately our sanctification. His purpose when He sent forth His Son made of a woman under the law was still our sanctification. Everything God has done about us and our has it’s end and object of our sanctification. 
1 Thessalonians 4:3, Galatians 4:4


2. As Christians we are joined to Christ and all the benefits of this union are mine. God’s purpose in the whole of salvation, in everything He has done in His Son and by the Holy Spirit is our sanctification. Sanctification is the end of the whole process of salvation.


3. To truly seek forgiveness means we have seen something of the holiness of God and the holiness of God’s law. We see ourselves as sinners.


4. The end of all evangelism should be to reconcile men and women to God, and to separate them unto Him.


5. There is one reason, and one reason only why we all should be Sanctified and Holy:

Not that we may be happy, Nor that we may get rid of our problems, BUT because God is holy, because we are God’s people, because Christ has died for us and purchased us with His blood. We do not belong to ourselves. We have no right to live a sinful life.


6. The moment I am born again and have received the Holy Spirit, this process of separating me has already started, and I cannot be regenerate without the process of sanctification having already started to work within me.


7. The conflict between the flesh and the Spirit has already begun and that is the fight to separate us from the world and unto God.


8. Regeneration is entirely the action of God. Justification is God pronouncing us to be just and righteous. Adoption is God’s declaration to us that we are His children. Repentance and faith are works started by the Holy Spirit leading us to confess our sins and repent.


9. Sanctification is God’s work from the beginning to the end. It is something that is started by God, continued by God, and is perfected by God Himself. Sanctification is the work of God in us, through and by the Holy Spirit.


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