Study of Great Bible Truths – Vol. 2 Lesson 10

Lesson 10: The Doctrine of Repentance: What Repentance Leads to In Experience:
1. Repentance involves a change in our views and thoughts concerning God. We now really see the Holiness and Greatness of God. Isaiah 6:1-5, Romans 7, Psalm 14:1
2. Repentance leads us to walk softly (in the fear of the Lord) in His presence. The nearer we are to God and Christ, the more Christ is formed in us, the greater will be our conception of God which will be reflected in our humility.
3. Repentance brings us to a knowledge of the mercy of God, His compassion, His kindness and His love. Justice and Mercy are met together in Christ. On the Cross of Calvary justice is fully satisfied and love streams forth.
4. Repentance brings about a sense of guilt and unworthiness. The greater the saint the more he or she is aware of sin and the corruption of the heart. Psalm 51, Romans 7.
5. Repentance changes our view on life leading us to a sense of hatefulness towards sin. We can now see the beauty and the glory of God’s holy law.
6. Repentance must result in a sense of grief and sorrow because of sin. It also leads to a sense of fear because we have sinned against a Holy God, who is righteous and just, who is Lord of the universe and the eternal judge.
7. Repentance leads to a confession of sin to God and a consuming desire to please Him.
8. Repentance gives us a sense of having offended God, having grieved and hurt Him. It produces a sense of unworthiness in us.
9. Repentance give us a hunger and thirst after righteousness. It makes us desire to be like Christ.

Oh, for a heart to praise my God
A heart from sin set free
A heart that always feel Thy blood
So freely shed for me

Charles Wesley
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