Study of Great Bible Truths – Lesson 7

In our last lesson we discussed the attributes that belong only to God. Today’s lesson will discuss the moral attributes of God that are to be found in God and man (men and women).
The 1st of the moral attributes is Holiness:

1.Holiness–holiness means separation from evil. The Bible teaches that God is holy. Because He is holy He hates sin and cannot look upon sin.
A. The Old Testament is primarily a revelation of the holiness of God and what He has done because He is holy. The purpose of the Law and the 10 commandments was to reveal and teach the children of Israel and us the holiness of God.
B. The Tabernacle built in the Old Testament was designed to teach the Israelites and us about the holiness of God. (We’ll discuss more about the Tabernacle in a later lesson. However, if you’re interested look it up in Exodus chapters 25-30).
C. The cross is the supreme declaration and revelation of God’s holiness. (Jesus dying for us that we can be reconciled back to God).
God’s holiness shows us the necessity of atonement. It shows
that without the shedding of blood there is NO forgiveness of sin. God’s holiness demands an atonement for sin.
D. The purpose of the biblical revelation of God’s holiness is to teach us how to approach God. We must approach Him with ’reverence and Godly fear’ at all times.
Scriptures to read: Exodus 34; Isaiah 40:25; 1 Peter 1:16; Habakkuk 1:13; John 17:11; Acts 4:27; Acts 3:4
**We will never have a knowledge of how sinful we are until and unless we realize just how holy our God is.
Next time:
Moral Attribute 2: The Righteousness of God

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