Study of Great Bible Truths – Lesson 19


Lesson 19:  Miracles and God’s Relationship to Sin

In our last lesson we learned that Providence is concerned with salvation and everything is kept going in the world for the sake of God’s people. Were it not for God’s people the world would be destroyed.


I. Miracles are according to God’s providence

1. Miracles are extraordinary Providences. A miracle is something we can’t explain.
2. If you can explain a thing scientifically, IT IS NOT A MIRACLE.
3. A miracle is God working, not contrary to nature, but in a SUPERNATURAL WAY.
4. In miracles, God works
a. Immediately
b. Directly
c. And without a secondary cause.


II. God’s relationship to sin
1. What is God’s relationship to sin?
a. God constrains and controls sin . Psalm 76:10
b. God overrules sins for good. Genesis 50:20
c. Sinful acts are under divine control, they only occur by God’s permission, and according to His ultimate purpose.
d. God never causes sin, nor approves of sin. He only permits, restrains, limits and overrules sin.

Thought: People are responsible for their own sin. James 1st chapter.



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