Study of Great Bible Truths – Lesson 18

Lesson 18: God’s Providence
In our last lesson we learned that creation means calling into existence something which did not exist before.
1. Providence means the continuation (or causing to continue) of that
which has been called into existence.

2. Providence is the continued exercise of divine energy whereby the Triune God upholds all His creatures, is operating in all that transpires in the world and DIRECTS ALL THINGS TO THEIR APPOINTED END.

3. There are three aspects of God’s Providence.

A. Preservation– the Bible teaches that God preserves everything He has made. Acts 17:28, Colossians 1:17, and Hebrews 1:3

B. Governmental—is the continuous activity of God whereby He rules ALL THINGS to a definite end and object in order to accomplish His own divine purpose. Psalm 97:1, Isaiah 40:15, Daniel 4:34-35

C. Concurrence– is the cooperation of God’s power with all subordinate powers according to pre-established laws of their operation causing them to act as they do. There are powers and laws of nature but not apart from God. (Example Jesus telling the waves, “peace be still”).

4. God’s Providence is exercised over the whole universe. Psalm 103:19, Ephesians 1:11

A. Over the physical world– Psalms 10:14, Matthew 5:45, Matthew 6:26, Matthew 10:29

B. Over the affairs of nations—Job 12:24, Acts 17:26

C. Over answers to prayer

Thought: The whole of God’s Providence is for the sake of God’s people. Romans 8:28
Next Lesson: God’s Providence continued (Miracles, and God’s Providence in relation to sin)

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