Study of Great Bible Truths – Lesson 13

Lesson 13: The Holy Trinity

In our last lesson we learned that the names of God tells us about His character.
1. The Holy Trinity has existed in the Godhead from all eternity.
2. The doctrine of the Holy Trinity is the most distinctive doctrine of the Christian faith. (Deuteronomy 6:4, John 10:30)

3. While God is one, He exists as three (3) persons which are equal  in substance, equal in power and equal in glory. God, the Father,  Jesus Christ, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (the Comforter).

     4. God and Jesus have the same attributes ascribed to them.

A. Eternal (John 8:58)
B. Holy
C. Life (John 5:26, John 17:2)
D. Immutability (Non-changing) (Hebrews 13:8, Malachi 3:6)
E. Omnipotent (Matthew 28:18)
F. Omnipresent (Matthew 28:20)
G. Omniscient (John 1:48, 2:25)
5. The doctrine of the Trinity became more visible when Jesus was born, and when Jesus ascended to Heaven and sent the Holy Spirit.
6. The Economic Trinity means that a division is made among the Godhead. God, the Father creates, elects and planned salvation. Jesus, the Son was sent by the Father to work out the plan of salvation on earth. The Holy Spirit applies the salvation to man. In the Economic Trinity there was a division of labor with a unity of purpose amongst the Godhead.
7. The Son (Jesus Christ) put Himself at the disposal of the Father, and the Holy Spirit put Himself at the disposal of the Father and the Son. (2 Cor. 5:19)
8. Examples of the Holy Trinity found in Scripture are below:

A. Elohim– God speaks of Himself in the plural
B. Genesis 1:26- ‘Let us make man in our image.’
C. Genesis 3:22—’Behold the man has become like us.’
D. Genesis 11:7 -’ Let us go down’
E. Isaiah 6:8-’ Whom shall I send and who will go for us?’
Next lesson: God’s manner of working.. The more we know about God , the more we are inclined to worship Him.

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