Study of Great Bible Truths – Lesson 12

Lesson 12: The Names of God and the Holy Trinity cont.


 In our last lesson we learned that the names of God tells us about His character.
Names of God associated with Jehovah are:
g. Jehovah Sabaoth– means the LORD of hosts. He is the ruler of the angelic hosts.


h. Jehovah Jireh– means the LORD will provide. Genesis 22:14


i. Jehovah Raphe– means the LORD that heals. Exodus 15:26


j. Jehovah Nissi– means the LORD is my banner. Exodus 17:15


k. Jehovah Shalom- means the LORD is our peace. Judges 6:24


l. Jehovah Ro’eh– means the LORD is my shepherd. Psalm 23


m. Jehovah Tsidkenu– means the LORD is our righteousness. Jeremiah 23:6


n. Jehovah Shammah-means the LORD is present. Ezekiel 48:35

Please review these Scriptures as you do this study. They tell us a lot about our God.


Next Lesson-  The Trinity (which is the most mysterious of all the Bible truths)….. Stay tuned


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