Study of Great Bible Truths – Lesson 11


Lesson 11: The Names of God and the Holy Trinity

In our last lesson we discussed the faithfulness of God. He doesn’t change, and He keeps all His promises.


1. God is personal and as a person He acts and reveals Himself. It is through the names God gives Himself that He tells us the wonderful truths about Himself.
                                                                                                                                      2. God’s names are representative of His character. The names of God stands for the character of God. Psalm 22:22, John 17:6,26                                                                                                                                                                  3. The names of God are:
       a. El – meaning 1st supreme being.
 b. Elohim – is the plural of EL and means mightiness. God is someone to be feared as well as someone who is powerful.
  2. c. Elyon – the hight and exalted one.
  4. d. Adoni – The Almighty God, the Ruler to whom everything is                                   subject  to.
  6. e. Shaddai– describes God as possessing all power in heaven and on earth. This name describes God in His power over the elements, His  power over nature, and His power over creation.
  8.  f. Yahweh(translated Jehovah)-is the most important and the most  significant name of God. God describes Himself as “I AM that I AM” meaning I shall be what I shall be. The name describes His unchangeableness, and especially his unchangeableness in regards to His people. Jehovah is the great covenant name of God.


Think about this: The mighty God whom we worship who is self-existent in Himself, nevertheless chooses to reveal and bind Himself to creatures of time, like you and me, whom He Created. He deserves our obedience and our praise.


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