Study of Great Bible Truths


Welcome to the Beginning of the Study of Great Bible Truths


 1. Do you want to know God?

Our only hope of knowing God truly is that He is pleased to reveal Himself to us. And in the Bible He has done just that!

A study of the Bible and its truths is the only way to truly know God, to come into His glorious presence and learn something of His wondrous ways with respect to all mankind.



2. What is the Bible?

The Bible is God’s revelation of Himself. In it we learn the truth about God. The Bible does not give us proof of God, it proclaims Him, it just tells us about it.

The Bible is the grand story of redemption. It is the history of what God has done about us as a result of our sin.



3. What is Revelation?

Revelation is the act by which God communicates to us concerning Himself, His Nature, His works, His will and His purposes.

God has revealed Himself in 2 ways:

A. General Revelation

B. Special Revelation
Sources: Adapted from Great Doctrines of The Bible, Martin LLoyd Jones, Crossway Publishers, 2012.
ESV Study Bible, Crossway Publishers 2011 


 To Be Continue….