Study of Great Bible Truths – Lesson 4


Review from last Lesson: The Bible is the full and final authority in all matters involving the revelation of God.



*** The knowledge of God comes before any particular blessing that we may desire from Him.


1. Why do we start with God?
Answer: We start with the truth about God because He is God, and if we put anything or anyone before Him we are dishonoring Him. According to Scripture, no one can believe in God without faith, without the inward work of the Holy Spirit. Hebrews 11:6-’ And without faith, it is impossible to please God, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who seek Him’. 
2. Can we understand God completely?
Answer: No, God cannot be completed comprehended or understood by man. We can never know Him fully. However, He can be known. The knowledge of God is not complete, but the Bible gives us enough information to lead us to worship and glorify Him. 
3. Why should we come to Know God?

Answer: We should desire to come to know God that we might worship Him as our creator and sustainer in the earth.  We must approach God with reverence and godly fear for our God is a consuming fire. Hebrews 12:28-29.


Next time….The Essential Nature of God’s Being


Study of Great Bible Truths – Lesson 3


Review of Last Lesson:  We discussed how God has revealed Himself in nature and creation, and how He made appearances and spoke directly to men, performed signs and wonders, spoke to men in dreams and inspired men to write His Holy Word.


The Authority of Scripture

*** The ultimate end and object of all who are concerned about the Christian Faith is to KNOW GOD.

1. Where does the Bible get Its authority?
We cannot arrive at God by our own efforts. God must reveal Himself to us. He has done so by His infinite grace and kindness in the Bible. The Bible is the record of God’s revelation of Himself.  The Bible claims to be God’s Word. It claims to be divinely inspired and its authority is based on that! 

(See Deuteronomy 18:18, 2nd Timothy 3:16, 2nd Peter 1:20-21).


2. How should we view the Bible?  

We must agree to grasp the Bible as our FULL and FINAL Authority in all matters of revelation about God. We must accept truths where we cannot understand them and fully explain them. If we could understand God we would be equal to Him. God has revealed everything He wants to reveal to us, and everything that is good for us to know in the Bible.

3. What should we do about the Bible?

We must submit ourselves not only to the authority of the Bible, but also to the guidance, the inspiration and the illumination of the Holy Spirit. We must never arrive at any conclusion from Scripture which makes us contradict something that is stated in Scripture. We must always compare Scripture with Scripture.


Next time… Where do we start?

We must always start with God.


Study of Great Bible Truths – Lesson 2


Review of Last Lesson:  We discussed how God has revealed Himself in

2 ways:

General Revelation and Special Revelation



1. What are the ways God reveals Himself in General Revelation?

God has revealed Himself through (1) Creation and Nature. Everything that has been made is in itself a revelation of God. ( See Acts: 15,17; Acts 17:24; Romans 1:19-20 and Psalm 19:1(2) God has revealed Himself through the ordering of things in the world, the fact that everything keeps going (examples: life and death, the seasons of the year, sunrise, sunset, etc.) and  (3) God has revealed Himself through History.


2. What are the ways God reveals Himself in Special Revelation?

The Bible is God’s Special Revelation of Himself. In the Bible:

(1) God made appearances to men (Moses– Exodus 33 and Gideon Judges 6).

(2) God spoke directly to men and women (Adam and Eve– Genesis 3; Abraham—Genesis 12; and Moses– Exodus 31).

(3) God performed miracles, signs and wonders ( Examples– A Donkey talks– Numbers 22:22-30; Parting of the Red Sea( Exodus 14); The Birth of Isaac (Genesis 21); and the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ (Luke 24).

(4) God spoke to people in visions and dreams ( Examples: Joseph, son of Jacob, Genesis 37; and Joseph, husband of Mary, Mother of Jesus( Matthew 1:18-25).

(5) God spoke through inspiration to the writers of the Scripture. God inspired men to write the Bible.  Sixty-six books were written over a period of 1600 years by over 40 authors, yet the entire Bible is united in its presentation of one theme: God’s Plan of Redemption of Mankind. In the Old Testament it is the Hope of the Messiah and in the New Testament it is Jesus Christ and Him crucified (2 Timothy 3:16-17).


Next Lesson: Can We Believe the Bible? The Authority of the Bible.

Until next time… ‘Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed,rightly handling the Word of Truth.’ 2 Timothy 2:15 (English Standard Version—ESV)


To Be Continue…..

Study of Great Bible Truths


Welcome to the Beginning of the Study of Great Bible Truths


 1. Do you want to know God?

Our only hope of knowing God truly is that He is pleased to reveal Himself to us. And in the Bible He has done just that!

A study of the Bible and its truths is the only way to truly know God, to come into His glorious presence and learn something of His wondrous ways with respect to all mankind.



2. What is the Bible?

The Bible is God’s revelation of Himself. In it we learn the truth about God. The Bible does not give us proof of God, it proclaims Him, it just tells us about it.

The Bible is the grand story of redemption. It is the history of what God has done about us as a result of our sin.



3. What is Revelation?

Revelation is the act by which God communicates to us concerning Himself, His Nature, His works, His will and His purposes.

God has revealed Himself in 2 ways:

A. General Revelation

B. Special Revelation
Sources: Adapted from Great Doctrines of The Bible, Martin LLoyd Jones, Crossway Publishers, 2012.
ESV Study Bible, Crossway Publishers 2011 


 To Be Continue….