Study of Great Bible Truths – Lesson 26

Lesson 26: Original Sin

In our last lesson we learned that we are all born sinners because of the sin of Adam.
1. The original sin of Adam was to accept the question of Satan, “hath God said?”. Adam stopped listening to God. The Doctrine of Original Sin means that sin is derived from the original root of the human race–Adam. 

2. When Adam sinned two things happened at once.
a. He became guilty, and in him and through him came the fall of the entire human race.

b. Changes took place in him. He was not the same as he had been before.
3. There are two parts to ‘Original Sin’.
a. Original Guilt–the Bible asserts that we have been born under the penalty of the law and of justice, that we deserve this penalty and punishment. We are actually guilty of Adam’s transgression.
Romans 5:12-19

b. Original Pollution–asserts that man inherited a polluted nature from Adam. Original Pollution means the absence of Original Righteousness which Adam had in the beginning before he sinned.
4. Adam lost that righteousness when he sinned against God, so that all of us are born with an absence of Original Righteousness.
5. The fall of Adam led to the total depravity of man. This means that man in his fallen condition has an inherently corrupt nature, and the corruption extends to every part of man’s being: to his soul and to his body. Man is at enmity against God and God’s Holy Law.
6. As a result of Adam’s sin and the fall, man is guilty. He is condemned by the Law of God, He is polluted. He is depraved. He is under the rule of self and Satan. He has no appreciation for spiritual truths. He is utterly and absolutely helpless.
Thought: Man can do nothing about his own salvation. He cannot change his nature. Jeremiah 13:23.

Is there hope? Yes….. To be continued.

Study of Great Bible Truths – Lesson 25

Lesson 25: What is Sin?

In our last lessons we learned that there were consequences for Adam and Eve’s disobedience.

1. Sin is a special kind of evil. Sin is moral or ethical evil.
Definitions of sin:
a. “Missing the mark’ deviating from the right way.
b. The absence of Integrity.
c. A refusal to submit ourselves to rightful authority.
d. Sin is disobedience, not just what one does.
e. Sin is rebellion against God.
f.  Sin is refusal to listen to the voice of God.
g. Sin is turning your back to God.
2. The Bible always defines sin in terms of our relationship to God. It is always something that is directly related to God, His will and His law.

3. Sin is something that is in the heart of men and women, not something on the surface of life, but down to the very depths of our being. Matthew 5:19-20.

4. Sin does not consist of actions only, but is a condition. Sin is something we inherit from birth, we are all born in this condition. The Bible connects sin directly to the first sin of Adam. This is the Doctrine of Original Sin. This means that sin is derived from the original root of the human race – Adam (i.e., all sin came out of Adam. It is something we inherit from birth) Psalm 51:5
Thought: No one can have a true understanding of the Doctrine of Salvation, nor can we appreciate our own salvation unless we realize the nature of our sinfulness. We must understand the truth about ourselves in sin. We can never really know the love of God until we realize this.
Next Lesson: The 2 parts of Original Sin.

Study of Great Bible Truths – Lesson 24


In our last lesson we learned that there were consequences for Adam and Eve’s disobedience. 

1. Long–term Consequences of the Fall:

a. In the case of the woman, childbirth became painful. However it was never intended to be that way in the beginning. Genesis 3:16

b. The ground was cursed. The very earth was cursed, and thorns and briars came into being, increasing man’s toil and effort. Since the earth is constantly tending to return to a wilderness condition. (i.e., if one stops cultivating the ground, it will soon grow up in thorns and weeds).

c. The fall affected all of creation. Creation today is not as it was in the garden, not as it will be again when evil and sin are removed out of the world.

d. The fall affected Adam and Eve and all their descendants (which includes all mankind). Adam is man’s representative. We are all a part of his Posterity. Isaiah 53:6, Romans 3:10,19,23.

Man in his totality lies guilty before God. James 3:2,1  John 1:8,10

Scripture tells us the world is guilty of sin. Sin has not only affected men and women, but sin has affected our entire nature (Body, Soul, and Spirit).

All sin came out of Adam. It is something we inherit from birth, that we are all born in these conditions.

Thought: Posterity is the succeeding or future generations, collectively all descendants of one person.

Study of Great Bible Truths – Lesson 23

Lesson 23:  The Fall of Man Con’t

In our last lesson we learned that there were consequences for Adam and Eve’s disobedience. We will review them in this lesson.

 The Consequences of Adam and Eve’s Disobedience
1. Adam and Eve became conscious of their flesh (Genesis 3:7). The moment they sinned, SHAME developed and they tried to cover themselves with leaves.
2. They developed a SENSE OF GUILT. The moment they ate the fruit they knew they had done something wrong.
3. They developed a FEAR OF GOD (Genesis 3:8). They lost their fellowship with God. They ran away from Him and hid themselves.
4. They underwent a SPIRITUAL DEATH. They were driven out of the Garden of Eden (i.e.-Paradise and were not allowed to return). (Genesis 3:24)
5. The were put in an entirely NEW RELATIONSHIP TO NATURE (Genesis 3:17-19)
6. Adam and Even had a clear CHANGE IN THEIR MORAL NATURE.
7. Their disobedience brought about PHYSICAL DEATH. (Genesis 3:19). Adam is told that he must return to the dust from which he came. *** This would not have happened if they had not disobeyed God. (Romans 5:12)
8. The effects of sin were DELAYED BOTH PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY (this means Adam did not lose his intellectual power, nor did he immediately die physically). However, there was subsequently a great decline in man’s intellectual, moral ,and all his other faculties, but it didn’t happen all at one time (See Genesis 6).
9. The immediate results of man’s sin was:
a. Man immediately CAME UNDER CONDEMNATION and was PUNISHED by God, whereas before Adam and Eve sinned they had only been blessed by God.
b. Spiritually, man immediately fell from his original righteousness. The moment He sinned, he lost that part of himself that corresponded with the moral character of God.
c. Man became separated from God. He lost his fellowship with God. He became fearful, he hid himself, he became self-conscious in that he did not know what to do with himself.



Thought: As a result of the fall, it can be written over man that “Here God Once Dwelt.”


Next Lesson: Consequences con’t…


Study of Great Bible Truths – Lesson 22

Lesson 22: The Fall of Man

In our last lesson that initially all of Adam and Eve’s interactions with God was without fear.
1. In the beginning man had a righteous, an uprightness, a moral being and character corresponding to God with whom he was in fellowship. When we look at man’s present moral, spiritual, and physical condition we see something entirely different.
A. What has happened?
B. What has changed?
C. Why is salvation needed?

The Fall of man will answer these questions.
2. The moment one believes in God, the moment one believes in the devil, one is entitled to expect miracles and supernatural things to happen.
Job 31:33, Hosea 6:7, 2 Cor. 11:13, 1st Timothy 2:14

3. There was nothing in man when he was first created that produced the fall into sin. Man had perfect free will to decide what he wanted to do. Evil, sin and temptation came from the outside, from Satan, using the serpent.

4. Let’s talk about Eve

a. The serpent attacked Eve, not Adam.

b. Eve began to listen to the slanders of the devil against God.

c. She began to doubt God’s word and God’s love.

d. She began to look at something (the fruit on the forbidden tree) that God prohibited and having seen the fruit she saw that it was good to eat, so she began to desire and lust after it.

e. Her desire and lust led her to a deliberate act of disobedience to God. She deliberately broke God’s commandment and did the very thing that God told her and Adam not to do.

5. Let’s look at Adam and Eve’s actions

a. Adam, on being offered the fruit, took it from Eve and ate it with her.

b. Adam and Eve became ambitious in that they wanted a short road to divine knowledge after Satan sold Eve on a shortcut way to get divine knowledge. (Read Genesis 3)

c. Satan also insinuated doubts of God’s love to Eve.

6. The fall of man was a refusal on the part of Adam and Eve to submit themselves to the will of God, and to have God determine the course of their lives. It was their determination to settle this for themselves.
1 John 2:15
Thought: There were consequences for Adam’s and Eve’s disobedience to God which are still in operation today.

Study of Great Bible Truths – Lesson 21

Lesson 21:  The Creation of ManCon’t

In our last lesson we learned we are made by God and made for God.

I. The Divine Image of God in Man
a. Man was created in the image and likeness of God. Genesis 1:26-27, Genesis 5:1,3
b. Made in the image of God means that God made us in such a way that we are a kind of a reflection of Him.
c. When Adam sinned against God, he lost something. He lost an aspect of the image of God. However, he did not lose the entire image. Something essential to the image of God remained.
d. The likeness of God refers to the souls or the spirit; our spiritual nature. John 1:18
e. Just as God is invisible, our soul and our spirit is invisible.
f. God made man His representative in the earth. God gifted man with high intelligence.


II. The Possibilities
1. God created man in His image with intellectual, moral and rational abilities. He was also holy and righteous. God placed him in the garden, made him Lord of creation reflecting something of God in his body with two (2) great possibilities:
a. If he (Adam) obey God, he would remain in fellowship with Him.
b. If he rebels and does not go God’s way, he will fall and all human kind coming after him will be born into sin.


Unfortunately, Adam chose B



Thought: In the beginning, man (Adam) was in a state of positive holiness, and true righteousness. Man’s relationship to God was one of dependence (as of a child). He gave God implicit obedience. His communion, his fellowship, his interactions with God was entirely without fear.


Next Lesson: The Fall of Man


Study of Great Bible Truths – Lesson 20

Lesson 20: The Creation of Man

In our last lesson we learned that people are responsible for their own sin.
Key points before we get into creation:

a. Let us remember that we have no knowledge of God apart from what He reveals to us in His Word.
b. The Scriptures have been given to us in order that we may arrive at a knowledge of the truth concerning ourselves and our relationship to God.
c. Based on Scripture (Genesis 1:26) the Trinity (God, the Father, Jesus, the Son and the Holy Spirit) held counsel together before man was created.
1. Man is made in the image of God. He was not created after any other kind of being.

2. God breathed into man’s nostrils the breath of life and make him lord over God’s whole creation ,i.e., over all nature, over all creatures, and over all beasts.

3. Certain things make man different from other created beings. Man has self–consciousness, moral freedom, is capable of abstract thought, and capable of religion and worship.

4. Evolution states man started LOW and grows into perfection over time. The Bible tells us man started at the TOP and fell from that.

5. The whole Biblical case for salvation rests upon the fact that man was made perfect, fell and became imperfect.

6. Scripture tells us that the human race is one . The whole of mankind has originated from two people. Adam and Eve Deut. 32:8, Genesis 11:1-9 and Acts 17:26

7. The human race is one, it has all come out of Adam, so when Adam fell, the whole human race fell with him. Romans 5:18, 1 Corinthians 15:21-22

8. Spirit is that which puts us in relationship with God and enables the Spirit of God to act upon us.

9. Soul is the part of the immaterial (invisible) element which animates the body. The soul makes us capable of thinking, willing and feeling. The soul is that part of us which links us to the body and enables us to communicate with other people.

10. Man has Spirit, but is a soul.

11. The soul can exist apart from the body. When the body is buried, the soul goes on and still exists. The soul is eternal.

12. Every soul born into the world is born into a fallen condition. That includes you, me and everybody else.
Thought: I am made by God and am made for God.
You are made by God and are made for God.

Study of Great Bible Truths – Lesson 19


Lesson 19:  Miracles and God’s Relationship to Sin

In our last lesson we learned that Providence is concerned with salvation and everything is kept going in the world for the sake of God’s people. Were it not for God’s people the world would be destroyed.


I. Miracles are according to God’s providence

1. Miracles are extraordinary Providences. A miracle is something we can’t explain.
2. If you can explain a thing scientifically, IT IS NOT A MIRACLE.
3. A miracle is God working, not contrary to nature, but in a SUPERNATURAL WAY.
4. In miracles, God works
a. Immediately
b. Directly
c. And without a secondary cause.


II. God’s relationship to sin
1. What is God’s relationship to sin?
a. God constrains and controls sin . Psalm 76:10
b. God overrules sins for good. Genesis 50:20
c. Sinful acts are under divine control, they only occur by God’s permission, and according to His ultimate purpose.
d. God never causes sin, nor approves of sin. He only permits, restrains, limits and overrules sin.

Thought: People are responsible for their own sin. James 1st chapter.



Next Lesson: The Creation of Man


Study of Great Bible Truths – Lesson 18

Lesson 18: God’s Providence
In our last lesson we learned that creation means calling into existence something which did not exist before.
1. Providence means the continuation (or causing to continue) of that
which has been called into existence.

2. Providence is the continued exercise of divine energy whereby the Triune God upholds all His creatures, is operating in all that transpires in the world and DIRECTS ALL THINGS TO THEIR APPOINTED END.

3. There are three aspects of God’s Providence.

A. Preservation– the Bible teaches that God preserves everything He has made. Acts 17:28, Colossians 1:17, and Hebrews 1:3

B. Governmental—is the continuous activity of God whereby He rules ALL THINGS to a definite end and object in order to accomplish His own divine purpose. Psalm 97:1, Isaiah 40:15, Daniel 4:34-35

C. Concurrence– is the cooperation of God’s power with all subordinate powers according to pre-established laws of their operation causing them to act as they do. There are powers and laws of nature but not apart from God. (Example Jesus telling the waves, “peace be still”).

4. God’s Providence is exercised over the whole universe. Psalm 103:19, Ephesians 1:11

A. Over the physical world– Psalms 10:14, Matthew 5:45, Matthew 6:26, Matthew 10:29

B. Over the affairs of nations—Job 12:24, Acts 17:26

C. Over answers to prayer

Thought: The whole of God’s Providence is for the sake of God’s people. Romans 8:28
Next Lesson: God’s Providence continued (Miracles, and God’s Providence in relation to sin)

Study of Great Bible Truths – Lesson 17

Lesson 17:

The Creation of the World


In our last lesson we learned that Christ in His life, His death and His resurrection has already vanquished the devil. Satan is defeated.


1. Creation is the work of the Triune God: God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Genesis 1, John 1:3, 1 Corinthians 8:6, Colossians 1:16
2. What is creation?
Creation is “that free act of God whereby He in the beginning brought forth the whole visible and invisible universe without the use of preexisting materials, and thus gave the world an existence distinct from His own, and yet ALWAYS dependent on Him.”  _ Berkhof
3. In creation the world and time started together.

4. The sequence of creation spoken into existence by the Triune God.

Day 1– light was created, light and darkness were separated.

Day 2– the firmament was established separating the waters above from the waters below.

Day 3 – separation of land and sea. The vegetable kingdom of plants and trees was created.

Day 4– creation of the light bearers ( Sun, Moon and Stars)

Day 5– creation of birds and fish

Day 6-  creation of man  Acts 17:26

Day 7—God rested and evaluated His work.


5. Notice the order of creation. On day 1 God created light and on day 4 He created light bearers. On day 2 He separated the waters and day 5 He created birds to fly in the firmament and fish to live in the waters below the firmament. On day 3, He separated land and sea and established the plant kingdom and day 6 He created man to live on the land and provided food for man.



Thought: Close your eyes. What do you see ? Nothing.

Just think God created this magnificent  world out of nothing.


Next Lesson: God’s Providence