Study of Great Bible Truths – Lesson 34

Lesson 34:  Christ the Prophet

In our last lesson we learned that Jesus has two distinct natures: Human Nature and Divine Nature.


1. God has been pleased to give us a revelation of Himself. We see it in history, in nature and in creation. He has also given us His Word, the Bible.

2. The Bible is the Word of God, infallible in all matters of faith and practice. It is NOT what we think, but what the BIBLE TEACHES.
3. Jesus Christ is the central part of all revelation in the Bible. He came into the world to bring us back to God.
4. After the fall of man (Adam), man needed to be reconciled back to God, and to be restored to that condition from which he fell (from Adam).
5. The work of the Lord Jesus Christ is the work of reconciliation and restoration. 1st Timothy 2:5
6. There are three functions Jesus serves as our mediator and our redeemer. He serves as Prophet, Priest, and King. He is serving in all three functions at the same time.
¨ Prophet– Man need a prophet because we need to be delivered and saved from the ignorance of sin. After the fall, man was left in a state of ignorance. Ephesians 4:17-18, Isaiah 9:2
¨ Priest– Man needed to be delivered from the guilt of sin so we need a priest. We need someone who can appear on our behalf  in the presence of God.
¨ King– Man needed to be delivered from the dominion of sin. Jesus delivers us as He assumes the function of King, with power and authority. Only a king can set us free and place us in a kingdom over which He rules and we have become citizens.


7. In the Old Testament, prophets were sent by God to warn people, to chastise and rebuke them, to remind them of the Law of God, and of God’s promises.
8. Christ as Prophet represents God with us. He speaks for God, and from God to us. We are given direct revelation by the Holy Spirit.
1 Corinthians 2:12
9. As THE Prophet, Jesus has brought the light and knowledge in to the world which was lacking. He alone can lead us to God and give us the knowledge of God which we desire.


Thought: Jesus will continue in His Prophetic role until He has ultimately presented us as spotless before God.


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Study of Great Bible Truths – Lesson 33

Lesson 33:  God–Man

 In our last lesson we learned that Jesus is the Eternal Son of God as well as the Son of Man.

1. The Scripture clearly teaches that Jesus was subject to the Father.    John 14:21, John 3:16-17, John 14:31, John 10:18. He received commandments from the Father, His words were given to Him by the Father.


2.God is the head of Christ. Jesus’ work (function) is to lead us and bring us to God. Hebrews 2:10, Jude 24. The work did not end with the Lord Himself; He takes us and brings us to God, the Father.


3. The Bible states that Christ was truly God, but He was also truly man. Jesus is one person with two natures. Two natures joined, but not mixed, not intermingled, remaining separate – God and Man.


4. Since the 1st man (Adam) sinned, the penalty must be borne in the nature of man. No one can bear the penalty of sin except someone who is man himself. It is the only way for man to be redeemed.


5. In order that He might render perfect obedience to God without failure and without possibility of failure, Jesus had to be God. Philippians 2:5-8


6. Jesus was a sympathetic high priest and could only be that by having a human nature. 1st Peter 2:22-23.


7. The LORD of the world became a servant of the world. He whose right it was to rule, took on obedience as His life characteristics. He is an example to all believers.




Thought:  The Bible teaches us that Jesus is one person in two natures, Divine and Human.


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Study of Great Bible Truths – Lesson 32

Lesson 32: The Deity and Humanity of the Lord Jesus Christ

In our last lesson we learned that Jesus became the son of man that men might become the children of God.
1. The babe born in Bethlehem and laid in a manager is God the Eternal Son. The Bible teaches and asserts the deity of Jesus. He is called ‘the Son of God.’ God calls Him, My Son. In Matthew 1:23, He is called Emmanuel, ‘God with us.’
2. The Bible ascribes divine attributes to Jesus:

Omnipotent (All-powerful) – Hebrews 1:3, 1 Corinthians 15:27
Omniscient (All–knowing) – Matthew 11:27, John 2:24-25
Omnipresent (Ever-present) – Matthew 18:20, John 3:13
Eternal – John 1:1
3. The Bible also describes Jesus’ own claims to deity as in His calling of the 12 Apostles and the 70 Disciples, giving them authority to perform signs and miracles, as well as Jesus’ healing of the sick and casting out demons.
4. Jesus was born to a human mother–the Virgin Mary. Jesus took unto Himself human nature from His mother Mary, as a result of the operation of the Holy Spirit upon her. He was truly human in every respect.
5. He had a typical human physical nature. John 1:14, Hebrews 2:14, John 4:9, John 20:27.
6. Jesus was subject to physical limitations. In John 4 we see His weariness, in Mark 4:36-41 He fell asleep while in the boat with his disciples. He endured physical agony in the Garden of Gethsemane.
7. Jesus was subject to temptation but was at he same time sinless. Though He was human in every respect, He was without sin. Luke 1:35,
2 Corinthians 5:21, Hebrews 5:15.
8. The 1st man (Adam) was created perfect, but sinning was possible for him as he did sin when tempted by Satan. The 2nd Adam (Jesus) was born human, but was also divine. Since He was divine it was impossible for Him to sin. Even though He was tempted (by Satan in the wilderness) just like the 1st Adam, He did not sin.
Thought: Jesus is the Son of God and the Son of Man
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Study of Great Bible Truths – Lesson 31

Lesson 31: The Incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ

In our last lesson we learned that Jesus is Lord of Glory and Lord of History.

1. The birth of the Lord Jesus Christ as a man is entirely of God. God, the eternal Son became incarnate. Jesus came in the flesh and appeared as man.
2. John 1:14, “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. “The eternal second person of the Blessed Trinity entered into time, and into the world, took unto Himself human nature, was born as a babe, lived life as a man and appeared in the likeness of sinful flesh.
3. The one who was born (Jesus) was not coming into being, was not starting His existence as a person. He was the eternal person (who always existed), the Son of God who assumed the form of a human being and entered the life of man in the world (Philippians 2: 6-8).
4. In the womb of the Virgin Mary, lying as a helpless babe in the manger, Jesus is still the 2nd Person of the Trinity, God the Son.
5. Jesus took on complete human nature from His mother, the Virgin Mary. He is one with us. If He had not taken on human nature as we have, He could not have saved us.
6. As the Lord’s divine nature had no mother, His human nature had no father. Jesus took on human nature from Mary but it was done through the work of the Holy Spirit.
7. Jesus’ conception by the Holy Spirit was done in such a way that this human nature that Jesus took unto himself was sinless (Luke 1:35).
8. Jesus got His human nature from Mary, but His human nature was acted upon by the Holy Spirit in such a way that it was rendered Holy, free from sin and all pollution.
Thought: The Son of God became the son of man that men might become the children of God.
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Study of Great Bible Truths – Lesson 30

Lesson 30: The Lord Jesus Christ

In our last lesson we learned that through sin and the fall, man and woman lost their knowledge of God, they became estranged from Him. God’s purpose of redemption is to bring us back to know Him. This has been done through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

1. The birth of Jesus Christ is the turning point of history. The whole essence of the Christian position is dependent upon the person of our Lord Jesus Christ.

2. The Christian faith is entirely concerned with our Lord Jesus Christ.

a. Who He is– The Son of God

b. What He has done– Died on the cross to redeem sinful man

c. What He has made possible for man– Eternal Life with God.
2. Jesus is the fulfillment of all the Old Testament prophecies and promises (Genesis 3:15, Galatians 3:13-16, Genesis 49:10, Daniel 49:10, Malachi 3:1, Micah 5:2, Jeremiah 23:5-6, Isaiah 7:14, 53:3,9)
3. Jesus is Prophet, Priest, and King. He is the only one by whom we can be made right with God, and by whom we can know God (Hebrews 12:24, John 14:6, Luke 24:46-47, 1 Timothy 2:15).
4. Jesus holds ALL things in His hands. All power has been given to Him in heaven and on earth (Matthew 28:18). He has ALL MIGHT, DOMINION AND AUTHORITY. He controls the opening of the seals (Revelation 5). EVERYTHING (without exception) that happens in the world is under His control (Ephesians 1:22-23).
5. It is in the Lord Jesus Christ, and in Him alone that we know God and are reconciled to God, and in Him alone can we be saved (Acts 4:12)
6. Jesus is the one by whom the whole world will be judged. The Father (God) has given Him authority to execute judgment because He is the Son of Man (John 5:27, Acts 17:31).
Thought: Jesus is the Lord of Glory and the Lord of History.
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Study of Great Bible Truths – Lesson 29

Lesson 29: The Covenant of Grace in the New Testament
In our last lesson we learned that God‘s Covenant of Grace requires that man have FAITH.
1. There is only One Covenant of Grace that has been given in two        dispensations.
a. Old Dispensation– The Old Testament-. The Old Testament Covenant was made by God and given to Abraham in Genesis 17. It was by FAITH that Abraham entered into the covenant with God and began to receive the benefits and the blessings promised to him. Galatians 3:8, Hebrews 11
b. New Dispensation– The New Testament is a new administration of the same covenant found in the Old Testament. There is only one mediator under the two dispensations, the same mediator, the Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Timothy 2:5, Hebrews 9:15
2. The New Covenant was originally made between the Father and the Son. Remember man having fallen, was not in a position to make a covenant with God, so God made it with His Son. Jesus is man’s representative and mediator. The atoning death of Jesus Christ brought man into the covenant.
3. The Old Testament and the New Testament all belong together. It is one kingdom, one covenant of Grace , and one salvation. (Scripture References: Galatians 3:14,29; Ephesians 2: 11-13,19; Ephesians 3:6, Hebrews 6:13,18; Hebrews 11:39,40. –Please review these scriptures). There is only one way of obtaining salvation and all the accompanying blessings, the way of FAITH. HABBAKUK 2:4, states, “ the just shall live by Faith.”
4. We receive justification by Faith, exactly as Abraham received it by Faith. The Old Testament points to Christ. The New Testament reveals Christ. He alone is the fulfillment of everything that is promised in Genesis 3:15.
5. The Covenant of Grace shows God’s plan, purpose, redemption and salvation. It leads us to Christ and points to Him from every direction.
Through sin and the fall, man and woman lost their knowledge of God, they became estranged from Him. God’s purpose of redemption is to bring us back to know Him. This has been done through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
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Study of Great Bible Truths – Lesson 28

Lesson 28: The Covenant of Grace
In our last lesson, we learned that the work of redemption is all of God with Jesus Christ as the center of God’s redemptive plan.
1. What is a covenant?
Answer: A covenant is an agreement or a pact between two parties with the two parties being more or less on equal standing . The covenant lets the two sides bind themselves to the fulfilment of certain promises given on the basis of certain conditions. When God makes a covenant with man, there are NOT two partners of equal standing, but God is giving His covenant to man.
2. Why is grace so important?
Answer: Man having listened to Satan, failed to keep God’s law and commandment, became the slave to Satan dead in trespasses and sin. Left to himself, man’s condition would have been entirely hopeless. But God in His infinite grace (unmerited favor), love and mercy looked upon man in pity and informed him of His great plan of redemption.
3. God originally made a covenant with Adam. God put him in the garden and told him that if he did certain things he would have certain rewards. Adam’s inheritance of these promises was dependent upon his works, what he did (A Covenant of Works).
4. Adam broke the covenant and landed himself and all men (and women) after him in a terrible situation. God then made a new covenant where he introduced a new condition… a Covenant of Grace.
5.The Covenant of Grace is a gift from God which has been entered into by the death of Jesus Christ. Because it comes from God, it is certain, and it is unbreakable. In spite of human rebellion, God told man, “ I want to make an agreement with you.”
6. In the Covenant of Grace, God tells us that we are only going to receive and enjoy His promises if we have FAITH. God’s Covenant of Grace promises that what has been broken by sin will be restored. His promises include eternal life.
7. The promise of the Covenant of Grace is free and full salvation to God’s people based on the atoning death of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the mediator of the covenant. God’s must accept salvation by FAITH.
Thought: The good news of the Gospel begins in Genesis 3:15
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Study of Great Bible Truths – Lesson 27

Lesson 27: Redemption: The Eternal Plan of God

In our last lessons we learned that we are all guilty and condemned by the Law of God.

1. According as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before Him. In love, He predestined us for adoption as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of His will. Ephesians 1:4-5

2. The fall of man had immediate and long–term consequences.

3. The Bible is the record of God’s activity, what He has done, and what He is doing.

4. The Biblical Doctrine of Redemption is what God has done about man and his sin. What God has done in order to reconcile man back to Himself. It is the central theme of the Bible.

5. God took the initiative. God sent Christ. In Christ God was reconciling the world to Himself, not counting their trespasses against them, entrusting to us the message of reconciliation. 2 Corinthians 5:19

6. Redemption is NOT an afterthought of God after Adam fell nor because he fell. Before Adam was ever created, the plan of redemption was clearly in the mind of God.

7. The work of redemption was divided with the Father (God) as the originator of the Plan of Salvation, the Son (Jesus Christ) as the executor of the Plan, and the Holy Spirit as the One who applies what the Son has achieved through His death on the cross and His resurrection.

8. In Romans 5, we are told that Adam was the 1st head and the representative of mankind, but now, God has for the purpose of redemption, made His Son the head and representative of new humanity.

9. After Adam and Eve sinned, they hid from God, but called out to them. Then as now, SALVATION IS ALL OF GRACE. Salvation was provided in spite of man’s rebellion, man’s arrogance and man’s sin.

10. The great plan of Redemption always center in the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no mention of any salvation anywhere in the Scriptures except in and through the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

11. There is only one Gospel, there is only one way to be saved. All who has lived or will ever live must be saved in Christ or not at all.
Thought: God sees the end from the beginning, and ALL things are always in His presence.

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Study of Great Bible Truths – Lesson 26

Lesson 26: Original Sin

In our last lesson we learned that we are all born sinners because of the sin of Adam.
1. The original sin of Adam was to accept the question of Satan, “hath God said?”. Adam stopped listening to God. The Doctrine of Original Sin means that sin is derived from the original root of the human race–Adam. 

2. When Adam sinned two things happened at once.
a. He became guilty, and in him and through him came the fall of the entire human race.

b. Changes took place in him. He was not the same as he had been before.
3. There are two parts to ‘Original Sin’.
a. Original Guilt–the Bible asserts that we have been born under the penalty of the law and of justice, that we deserve this penalty and punishment. We are actually guilty of Adam’s transgression.
Romans 5:12-19

b. Original Pollution–asserts that man inherited a polluted nature from Adam. Original Pollution means the absence of Original Righteousness which Adam had in the beginning before he sinned.
4. Adam lost that righteousness when he sinned against God, so that all of us are born with an absence of Original Righteousness.
5. The fall of Adam led to the total depravity of man. This means that man in his fallen condition has an inherently corrupt nature, and the corruption extends to every part of man’s being: to his soul and to his body. Man is at enmity against God and God’s Holy Law.
6. As a result of Adam’s sin and the fall, man is guilty. He is condemned by the Law of God, He is polluted. He is depraved. He is under the rule of self and Satan. He has no appreciation for spiritual truths. He is utterly and absolutely helpless.
Thought: Man can do nothing about his own salvation. He cannot change his nature. Jeremiah 13:23.

Is there hope? Yes….. To be continued.

Study of Great Bible Truths – Lesson 25

Lesson 25: What is Sin?

In our last lessons we learned that there were consequences for Adam and Eve’s disobedience.

1. Sin is a special kind of evil. Sin is moral or ethical evil.
Definitions of sin:
a. “Missing the mark’ deviating from the right way.
b. The absence of Integrity.
c. A refusal to submit ourselves to rightful authority.
d. Sin is disobedience, not just what one does.
e. Sin is rebellion against God.
f.  Sin is refusal to listen to the voice of God.
g. Sin is turning your back to God.
2. The Bible always defines sin in terms of our relationship to God. It is always something that is directly related to God, His will and His law.

3. Sin is something that is in the heart of men and women, not something on the surface of life, but down to the very depths of our being. Matthew 5:19-20.

4. Sin does not consist of actions only, but is a condition. Sin is something we inherit from birth, we are all born in this condition. The Bible connects sin directly to the first sin of Adam. This is the Doctrine of Original Sin. This means that sin is derived from the original root of the human race – Adam (i.e., all sin came out of Adam. It is something we inherit from birth) Psalm 51:5
Thought: No one can have a true understanding of the Doctrine of Salvation, nor can we appreciate our own salvation unless we realize the nature of our sinfulness. We must understand the truth about ourselves in sin. We can never really know the love of God until we realize this.
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